Ideas To Sew Navy And White Bedding

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In fabric stores the choice of good materials is simply enormous. You only have to correctly remove the measurements of your bedding and in this data to calculate the piece of fabric you need. Consider one thing: after washing, usually, the fabric settles in length, so this figure should be taken into account with a small margin. Do not worry about the width of the product. When the fabric is purchased, the threads are selected, we proceed to the creation. We all start with a blanket cover.

Navy and white bedding is excellent color for your bedroom. Very often we cannot choose a good day that is suitable for our family, for all criteria. That duvet cover is not the size, then the pillowcases and other similar problems. Sew custom-made clothes in salons an expensive lesson. Therefore, if you have a sewing machine, it offers a good stop to sew it yourself. Only the first offer to read our article, we will show you how to sew your own hands the right set of bedding.

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We measure the blanket and the resulting figures of each add a few centimeters for the concessions. Some make the upper and lower half of the duvet cover separate, and some calculate the fabric so that one of the sides is in the crease, freeing unnecessary lines. When the sewing method was determined, the fabric cut. You can start sewing a whole quilt. And keep in mind that it is easier to start sewing from the side where the blanket will go. We place the fabric on the wrong side up and bend in two so that the fabric cut is inside, after that we do everything without forgetting the notches.

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