Queen Bed Frame Set By Erica

Bed Frames Queen Ideas

All furniture bed frames queen white color enables the colors to stand out, with a outcome that is wide and appreciated. “The furniture has been implemented by Florence and personalized with the finish of micro feel, leaving the carpeting around in lilac to refer to the infantile atmosphere”, explains the architect. The quilt with details in the favorite color of Sabrina, lilac, made by Marengo Decor and was designed by Erica Salguero. A dream is turning into reality!

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Queen bed frame set – The architect Erica Salguero had the assignment to create the fantasy of Sabrina, eight decades, come true: to have her beautiful bedroom, mainly her favourite color, lilac, and a photo of her very big as a highlight. Ready! Like a magic trick and also a great deal of gift, the”Pixie Powder” has taken the girl now has her little corner of fantasies. “For this job had been created a wall of drywall with various niches.

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Like every little princess loves womanly items purpose bed frames, the architect used very traditional decoration themes for a girl, including a blossom, teddy bear, handbag, bunny, ballerina, Barbie, kitty, along with crown, giving a lively and at precisely exactly the exact identical time stylish appearance to her chamber.