Southwest Bedding Style

Polar Light 28 Image Winter Polar Light 2018 Southwest Bedding Style

Southwest bedding, if you are interested in Southwestern bedding you should consider the Tahoe set or Guest Cabin. Tahoe is a contemporary woven design of the Southwest, made with loom and chenille threads. A snow leopard pillow gives the whole an exotic touch. Guest Cabin is rustic and striking, with a set of colors Chile and black pepper. The pillows, quilts and covers, made with chenille, suede, antique and timeless fabrics, combine to create a cozy atmosphere.

Southwest bedding sets in tropical motifs include Birds of Paradise and Fern gully. Birds of Paradise is a tropical and luxurious model with a variety of sensual colors of raspberry, paprika, kiwi, linen, and straw colors, printed on a cotton canvas. The skirt of the bamboo bed is green leaf and is repeated as a trimming on the borders of the custom windows. When adding decorative pillows to this beautiful set and will recreate the Garden of Eden in your own bedroom. Fern gully is a vibrant tropical set with lush leaves of large size.

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Sets of fabric. The Thomasville cloth or toile outfits, Cherrington, is casual, elegant and classic. The drawing that appears is a tree of life engraved in white and sapphire. Striped in bold, pillows of bright colors in yellow canary, and an elegant white tint gives a to the pillows, covers and quilts. The positive / negative intricate design of the sheets completes the design.

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